Born (1993) in London, Grace Tobin grew up in New York City. 
Grace currently lives and works in London.

2022 | MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2016 | BA Visual Arts with Honors, Oberlin College, Ohio, US
2014 | Studio Arts Center International, Florence, IT

2022 | Cub_ism Artspace, West Bund Art Fair, Shanghai, CHIN

           Canopy Collections, 'All the Lives We Ever Lived', London, UK
           Rhodes Contemporary Art, select works, London UK
           Blink, 'Room Share 3', London, UK 
           Court Tree Collective, 'Summer Lounge', Brooklyn, NY
           Plain Gallery, 'As It Turns Out', Milan, IT
           Royal College of Art, Degree Show, London, UK
           Royal Society of British Artists, 'RBA Rising Stars', London, UK
           Zberro Gallery, 'What’s Your Dream', Paris, FR
2021 | The Holy Art, 'Transitions', London, UK

           RCA collective, 'Naturisms', London, UK
           All Mouth Gallery, 'Small Pleasures', London, UK
           London Paint Club, 'Contemporary Narrative', London, UK
           Royal College of Art, 'Work in Progress Show', London, UK
2018 | Bushwick Open Studios, 'Eye of the Beholder', New York, US
2016 | Fisher Gallery, 'The Nature of Chaos', Ohio, US
           Baron Gallery, 'Going Places', Ohio, US
           Space Gallery, 'Community Space', Ohio, US
2015 | Fisher Gallery, 'Halftime Showcase', Ohio, US
           Ginko Gallery, 'Critter Collection', Ohio US
2014 | She Is A Problem, zine exhibition, Illinois, US
           Kendal Home, 'Complication of Students Yearly Work', Ohio, US
2011 | Sloan Fine Art, 'Single Fare: Please Swipe Again', New York, US
2022 | RBA Rome Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Royal Society of British Artists, London, UK
2012 | John Fredrick Oberlin Merit Scholarship, Oberlin College, Ohio, US

Selected Press
2016 | plain china, online literary magazine, Vermont, US
           The Plum Creek Review, Oberlin College, Ohio, US