What defines a place we know from a space we exist in?
My practice investigates our relationships to the environments we inhabit and how this impacts our sense of self and identity. I see my practice as a documentation of personal narrative, where I speak to the varying values of experiences, people, places, and things that help inform and reform my identity.

Through deconstructing the boundaries of internal and external spaces, I study the tension that exists, in turns, within the division and cohesion of human and nonhuman subjects. Reflecting the interdependence between human life and environment, I abstract form to then reconstruct and challenge our sense of space. I employ the figure and botanical forms to re-imagine how an environment mirrors the psychological and physiological connections we create in our world. The graphical style of my painting is paired with repetitive patterns to mirror the themes of imperfection and repetition in our lives and routines. With much subtracted material, the scenes I paint present a segmented reality. My work exhibits the speculative, contemplative times in which we are formed, informed, and reminded by our surroundings over time.
My paintings function as a translation of time, as marked through the objects and gestures composed. My work sits in the intangible expanse between the known and unknown. With paint and pattern, I express how feelings, experiences and understandings can shift with a change of perspective.
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