Grace Tobin is a London-based paint, recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2022. She previously studied fine art in Ohio, USA and Florence, Italy. She has exhibited internationally with Plain Gallery in Italy, Court Tree Collective in New York, as well as London Paint Club, Canopy Collections and Rhodes Contemporary Art in London.
Grace Tobin's work investigates our relationships to the environments we inhabit and how these connections impact our sense of self. Her practice circles the idea of space, documenting the psychological and physiological impact it has to inform our identity.
Grace questions the ways in which our environments display an inner narrative. What and how these objects and spaces are composed can tell us much about a personal state of being. She is interested in how physical objects can build and hold emotional value over time to embody memories and a sense of self. Grace reconstructs and challenges our sense of space, subtracting material to present a segmented reality.The dream-like state of her paintings paired with repetitive pattern, mirror the themes of imperfection and repetition in our lives and routines. Grace’s work exhibits the speculative, contemplative moments in which we are formed, informed, and reminded by our surroundings over time.